Covid, Death and Life Destiny

death and life destiny

Covid, death and life is the most talked-about topic in our world today. As at 29-09-2021, the Covid statistics in a snapshot of random countries is as shown. The top three countries that leads in cases and deaths are USA, India and Brazil. We can see that the total of deaths is 4,799731 deaths. From…

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A Mordecai-Type Amazing Experience

A Mordecai-type amazing experience story of a man named Mordecai is recorded in the bible. The story recorded that because of Mordecai faith in his God, he saved himself and the whole nation of Jews when God intervene miraculously.

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Hearing The Voice In The Heart On Ministry Work

The Prompting In The Heart On Ministry Work I could feel within me the desire growing to do something else related to ministry work while I am still able, not when I am too old and weak. We are always operating on this premise, that we can volunteer our time, or do ministry-related work or…

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God Speaks Through The Vision

the vision

In the bible, we read how God sent the prophet, Joel, to declare to His people what the Lord is going to do in the latter days. God too let us sees vision to knows His planning in our life. And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon…

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