Journeying the trail of deceits

trail of deceits

Journeying the trail of deceits is a post to challenge and expose some unscrupulous officials’ attempt to brand someone as “criminal” by using deceits. At the end of this post, we can see that such officials themselves are likely in that category. So this is the start of a journey along rough and difficult terrains…

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Brigade of Motorcycle Angels for The Calling

Vietnam is not only famous for its Pho (traditional Vietnamese noodle soup), Vietnamese sandwiches but also for the hordes of motorcycles and the skills of all these riders is amazingly good across all ages and genders and it is really a wonder to see orderly in chaos.

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Mother’s Testimony of Leukemia Boy’s Death

A young boy named Tuan, who came to Singapore National University Hospital for treatment of leukemia. However his leukemia was terminal and the family brought him back to Vietnam to continue to be cared for. “I hope you will be encouraged when hearing the testimony of Tuan’s mom. Below is his mom’s testimony in his…

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