Journeying the trail of deceits

trail of deceits

Journeying the trail of deceits is a post to challenge and expose some unscrupulous officials’ attempt to brand someone as “criminal” by using deceits. At the end of this post, we can see that such officials themselves are likely in that category. So this is the start of a journey along rough and difficult terrains…

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Living Ordinary Life But Yet Extraordinary

Living ordinary life but yet extraordinary may seems a paradox with many people. It is this belief in the Christian faith that operates in the supernatural realm that makes them living ordinary life yet extraordinary.

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A Mordecai-Type Amazing Experience

A Mordecai-type amazing experience story of a man named Mordecai is recorded in the bible. The story recorded that because of Mordecai faith in his God, he saved himself and the whole nation of Jews when God intervene miraculously.

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