The mission trips

Clouds of Blessings Amidst a Drought

By Daves | March 2, 2017

Clouds of blessings amidst a mission trip, that was how this mission trip in April of 2016 with a Vietnamese Christian pastor to the province of Phú Yên ends up as so meaningful and memorable.

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Mother’s Testimony of Leukemia Boy’s Death

By Daves | March 7, 2017

A young boy named Tuan, who came to Singapore National University Hospital for treatment of leukemia. However his leukemia was terminal and the family brought him back to Vietnam to continue to be cared for. “I hope you will be encouraged when hearing the testimony of Tuan’s mom. Below is his mom’s testimony in his…

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Towards Prudent Stewardship of Resources

By Daves | March 11, 2017

Towards prudent stewardship of resources, recognizing and seizing the opportunity came along during one of my visit to Vietnam.

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Brigade of Motorcycle Angels for The Calling

By Daves | April 1, 2017

Vietnam is not only famous for its Pho (traditional Vietnamese noodle soup), Vietnamese sandwiches but also for the hordes of motorcycles and the skills of all these riders is amazingly good across all ages and genders and it is really a wonder to see orderly in chaos.

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Distance Nor Obstacles is No Barrier to Visit Churches

By Daves | August 27, 2021

Mission trip to visit churches & God’s people along the mountainous ridges of Lao Cai province, northern Vietnam, shows that distance nor obstacles is no barrier to God’s love for His people where ever they are. This is yet another privilege accorded by the local pastor friend, bringing me alongside him for mission trip to Lao Cai Province. Lao…

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